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Passionate best partner

Wo Shing was founded in September 2005 by a group of enthusiastic partners for life for the equipment

Wire and cable to do the required processing services.


>> machine tools, industrial machinery, industrial equipment, wire and cable and their processed products

>> PC and people's livelihood and their processed products used in home appliance wire and cable.

>> the network cable and processed products with CAT.5.

Company seat in the most beautiful museum in Taichung, Taiwan area next to cross a set of human life, Wenhui Symphony.

He-Sheng Hardware Co.,LTD.

Business Contact

Mr. Wong
: 886-988-259-900

Mr. Lin Min
: 886-4-2371-9900

Miss Lin
: 886-4-2371-9900

Shipping contacts

Miss Lin
: 886-4-2371-9900

Technical Contact

Mr. Lin
: 886-4-2371-9900

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Processing of various types of cables./ Customization operation