Our development orientation

In the face of changes in the world's environment, renewable energy, environmental protection and other related social responsibilities are what we must attach importance to.

In the future, we will also devote ourselves to keeping up with the advancement of technology, making unremitting efforts and continuous improvement.


Medicine / clean room

Any contaminated dust in the clean room environment will directly cause damage to products and processes. Therefore, in the clean room, the wear resistance of the parts of the automation equipment (including the wires used) is high.


renewable energy

The development of renewable energy is a very high-tech industry, and the relatively required wires must also be designed to meet extreme weather conditions and permanent installation.


Robotics / Automation

Robots require meticulous work, so softness, tensile strength, bending radius, 2D torsion, 3D rotation, etc. are all tested.


The bottom of the sea / petroleum and natural gas

In Europe, the demand for single-core submarine power cables mainly comes from the offshore wind power industry. The specially designed array cable system can minimize the cost of offshore installation..


Faucibus consequatLifting machine sling/package

The most important challenge in crane technology is safe cables. The requirements for speed, acceleration and distance accuracy continue to increase. The power system and cables must be able to withstand these increased loads.


Accumsan viverraNumerical control machine CNC

Whether it is European or Japanese, torsion resistance, deflection resistance, oil and water resistance, customized or joint technology research and development. We provide perfect solutions for various combinations of cables, connectors and accessories.

customized your cable

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MotionCables is a manufacturer of special cables and custom cables. We provide various products and virtual applications to customers in all areas of the industry. This saves customers time and money.

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We have a professional technical team, plus more than ten years of accumulated experience, whether it is Europe, Japan, major brands of motors, we provide applicable solutions.

- HESHENG - Professional assembly

We provide standard stocks for connectors of major global brands, whether it is Japanese TE, JAE, MOLEX or European INTERCONTEC, HARTING... etc., we can meet customer needs.

- Connectors - Connectors solutions